Bartkira Animated Trailer

"In the days of old, deep in the dredges of the "Do the Bartman" VHS, there was a trailer...

In partnership with Chicken Tonight, Butterfinger, and CC Lemon, the early 90s execs of Fox and Toho made an animated short. An attempt to appeal to American consumers without having to spend a lot of money. Until a changing of the guard decided the kids needed more Poochie and it was lost...until today."

The 'Bartkira' trailer is an animated parody mash-up of 'The Simpsons' and 'Akira' based on an idea conceived by Ryan Humphrey. The original 'Bartkira' comic can still be purchased in Ryan's online store. The concept has since been expanded upon, with James Harvey curating the contributions of 100's of artist to recreate the 'Akira' graphic novel in full!

In association with the comic, producer Kaitlin Sullivan pitched the idea of an accompanying animated trailer. Collaborating with over fifty animation artists finally resulted in the spectacular 'Bartkira' trailer you see below.

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