California-based custom skateboard builders SHAKASTICS have teamed-up with Japanese artist Ken Kagami and his fantastically irreverent illustration work. The chosen graphic is a shameless doodle of Bart Simpson with the profile of a skateboard forming his eyes.

The SHAKASTICS x Ken Kagami collaboration includes four deck variants (90's Football Shape 8.5" and Popsicle Shape available in 8.25", 8.38" and 8.5".) A T-shirt available in three colour variants, and a very limited 6 panel cap made in conjunction with The Hatsmith. The limited nature of SHAKASTICS releases means many of these items have already sold out! Grab what you want via their online store whilst you still can.

Also check out the excellent 'Bartworks' zine published as a co-production between Kagami, Swiss publishing house Nieves and Hungarian art publisher Innen.

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