The Line: Amaro and Walden's Joyride

London-based animation studio The Line recently unveiled their latest and greatest self-initiated project 'Amaro And Walden's Joyride,' directed by Tim McCourt and Max Taylor.

"Amaro & Walden are the best of friends but couldn't care less about each other's safety. Follow them burning around town acting like they’re top dons in a music video." - The Line

Undoubtedly inspired by the virtual band Gorillaz and the four animated characters created by Jamie Hewlett, Amaro and Walden draw many visual and characteristic parallels. The protagonists are similarly composited into the real-world footage, striking the right balance between believably sitting in their live environments whilst equally celebrating their hand-drawn aesthetic. Also, their antisocial lads-on-tour attitude, as they race around blasting out grimey drum 'n' bass and harassing the entirely of London (including pissing off Suggs,) rings true to the Gorillaz chaotic lifestyle.

Regardless of any similarities 'Amaro and Walden's Joyride' is a truly amazing piece of animation from one of our favourite independent studios, and hopefully not the last we've seen of this anarchic duo!

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