PilotPriest - The Last Goodbye

In 2014, French directors/animators Thibaud Clergue, Aurélien Duhayon, Sébastien Iglesias and Camille Perrin fresh out of Supinfocom, formed the BRVTVS Collective. Their debut film was the John Carpenter-esque biker gang mini-horror 'Horde', in which we see a demonic biker gang "recruit" a new member for their undead throng.

Following the resounding success of 'Horde', musician and film-maker PilotPriest, aka Anthony Scott Burns, asked BRVTVS to create a music video to accompany the track 'The Last Goodbye' taken from his 'W​/​W​/​D​/​K​/​F' album. Having mastered the horror genre with their first short, BRVTVS turned their attention to science fiction, which is also a great source of inspiration for PilotPriest and his synthesizer-heavy cinematic compositions.

Influenced by black and white movies of Fritz Lang ('Metropolis') and other German expressionist directors, the resulting video is epic in its cinematic scope and steeped in sci-fi nostalgia. The narrative sees a female astronaut pursue her college through space, before encountering a strange mirrored barrier which transports her into the unknown...

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