Streets Of Beige: Bootleg Simpsons T-shirt

The once peaceful town of Springfield has been taken over by a criminal syndicate, including the police. Mass violence has become extremely dominant and no one is safe. Bart Simpson (an accomplished boxer), Milhouse Van Houten (skilled martial artist) and Lisa Simpson (judo expert) are young ex-police officers who had to quit the force in order to fight back the syndicate...

Streets Of Beige (lowbrow art bloggers and purveyors of fine bootleg merchandise) have collaborated with illustrator Dan Evans (aka Danxdraws) and Bristol-based screen printers Not Guilty Press in the release of this superb Simpsons Vs. Street Of Rage mash-up tee.

The T-shirt sports a Bart Simpson skull and crossbones pocket print and an impressive back print featuring Bart, Milhouse and Lisa (as Axel, Adam and Blaze) ready to fuck shit up!

The 3-colour, screen-printed heavyweight Gildan tee is available from the Streets Of Beige online store, priced just £16.50!

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