Yoann Hervo: Weird Simpsons

Director and animator Yoann Hervo, along with the help of Hugo Moreno, created this deliberately shonky, wonderfully weird and mind-meltingly strange tribute to The Simpsons.

The piece was originally intended to be just a small part of a collaboration project, including Charles Huettner, Ivan Dixon and James Hatley, in which animators created (in their own style) a short story based in the Simpsons universe. The project was ultimately abandoned, but happily Yoann persisted and finished his contribution.

With any luck Yoann Hervo's brilliantly nightmarish interpretation of the opening credits will follow in the footsteps of Paul Robertson & Ivan Dixon's pixel art tribute, which was picked up by the show's creators and ended up being screened as the opening of episode 14, season 26, My Fare Lady.

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