Pixar x Studio Trigger: Battlesaurs

This 'Battlesaurs' faux-intro, steeped in '80s cartoon nostalgia, is to be included as a bonus feature on the forthcoming American Bluray release of 'Toy Story That Time Forgot'.

The surprising collaboration between Pixar and Japanese studio Trigger is the directorial work of Hiroyuki Imaishi, and bears all the hallmarks of his distinctively frantic anime style.

The Wisdom of Pessimism

In this film for the School of Life, Claudio Salas teamed up with a myriad of amazing artists, exploring a mix of different animation techniques to advise you on becoming a good pessimist.

"How do you ensure contentment? A good pessimist knows just how..."

Dan Britt: Pop Idents

Dan Britt designed and directed these humorous Halloween idents for the kids TV channel Pop.

Each of the eight sequences involves a different monster in a spooky goof-up! A vampire flies into a closed window, a slimy swamp creature slips down some stairs and a tiny Godzilla is devoured by a pigeon!

Peter Millard: London

Peter Millard captures the raucous hustle and bustle of life in London in this animation, commissioned by Winsor & Newton to promote their new range of Pigment Markers.

Pixelord - Rescue Cyber Party

'Rescue Cyber Party' by Pixelord has been release via King Deluxe records. Well-know to our regular readers as top quality purveyors of fantastic musical/animated collaborations.

This latest release pairs Pixelord's futuristic beats with psychedelic visuals from Parisian animator Alexandre Louvenaz. The video follows a ragtag team of virtual superheroes, including a mace-handed cyborg, a pipe-smoking gnome, a vomiting brain in a glass dome, and a snorkeler with a pet parrot, on a mission to rescue a lackluster party in a cyber world! 

Find out what happened and how the mission went...

'fō - North

'fō, the musical side-project of American TV-actor Josh Cooke, just released 'North', the first track taken from his forthcoming self-titled debut album.

The hauntingly beautiful acoustic composition has been paired with some equally stunning visuals, animated by Josh Shaffner. The animation, hand-drawn using chalk on black paper, depicts sweeping cloud banks, crashing waves and the occasional glimpse of a figurative character... All rendered in Shaffner's atmospheric monochromatic style.

The Incredible Kirk Van Houten

'The Incredible Kirk Van Houten' bootleg action figure is now available, in a limited edition of just 10 pieces, via the Streets Of Beige online store priced £50!

The figure which realises a Hulkified version of Milhouse Van Houten's deadbeat dad was designed by illustrator/artist Felix Altreus, for the 'Kill Your Shelf' bootleg toy exhibition last April, and hand-cast & painted by Adam Williams (aka Twisty.)

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: 5

Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling have returned to nourish our obsession with the 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared' series.

In the fifth installment of the nightmarish Muppet-esque saga we learn all about food! A giant steak and a tin can teach us about the digestive system, the health risks associated with fancy foods, the danger of eating from a stranger's plate, conscious surgery and cannibalism.

Enjoy the madness!

Marcus Armitage: My Dad

'My Dad', Marcus Armitage's 2014 RCA graduation short, depicts a fathers's influence on a young boy's life. His judgmental character mixed with the boys fondness for his dad prove to be a toxic mix that tears away at a world of opportunity and experience. Inherited opinions, inherited isolation...

Jeff Cinco: Handsome Bart Lapel Pin

Jeff Cinco has unveiled a limited edition lapel pin combining Bart Simpson and Handsome Squidward from the season five episode of SpongeBob SquarePants 'The Two Faces Of Squidward'. As far as bootleg Simpsons merchandise goes, this has to be one of the most obscure mashups we've encountered... We love it!

Buy one here: Jeff Cinco Etsy

Séléna Picque: Dark Light Bright Stars

Following a crash in which her co-pilot is killed, a cosmonaut attempts to make her way back to the safety of the space station. With her oxygen running low and haunted by memories of the accident, will she survive the night on this dark and cold planet?

Watch Séléna Picque's 2015 EMCA graduation short 'Dark Light Bright Stars'...

Stephen Irwin: The Obvious Child

Stephen Irwin’s 'The Obvious Child' features feverishly surreal visuals, a dark & morbid sense of humor and a challenging narrative about how deeply confusing religion can be for a young child.

The bleak short depicts a devoted rabbit, an angry girl and her gruesome attempts to get her parents dismembered bodies to heaven.

Clap! Clap! - Playfulness

Italian producer and jazz multi-instrumentalist Clap! Clap! (aka Cristiano Crisci) has release his latest 6-track EP 'Simple' on The Black Acre label, a follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2014 album 'Tayi Bebba.'

Clap! Clap! recorded much of the new EP during his girlfriend's pregnancy. Inspired by the "simplicity of creation" and the time spent with his new baby daughter, the music strives to encapsulate the purest form of child-like playfulness and joy. "Having a baby daughter, I pass most of the time playing with her and she's always smiling, she is so full of playfulness in a natural and simple way," he describes. "I tried to represent that kind of playfulness, using cheerful rhythms and using samples that represent to me the simple sense of... happiness."

The music video accompanying the track 'Playfulness', animated by French director Loup Blaster, is equally entertaining, colourful and joyous as the music itself!

Vampillia - Lilac (Bombs Jun Togawa)

Independent Japanese animation collective, ONIONSKIN are back with yet another brilliantly innovative music video, marking their third collaborative outing with intense pop-orchestra, Vampillia.

Their previous Vampillia videos included hellish (although gorgeously animated) sequences featuring decapitation, face-melting, vomiting and exploding heads! So it should come as no surprise that this new video, accompanying the track Lilac (Bombs Jun Togawa), is equally horrifying and beautiful.

The superb animation depicts the flesh slowly tearing and bursting from the body of a drowning school girl, before the corpse is re-animated by worms infesting the skeletal remains. Interspersed with flashes of childhood memories, the short piece captures the final terrifyingly-painful moments of this young life.

Vanilla Seed: Anna & Froga

Vanilla Seed animation studio created this super cute teaser for a TV adaptation of Anouk Ricard's 'Anna & Froga' books.

The animated series will follow the adventures of a little girl named Anna and her gang of animal friends. Anna's best friend is the titular Froga, and they often hang out with Bubu the dog (an aspiring artist), Christopher the gourmand earthworm, and Ron (a practical joker of a cat).

Thumbs: Adventure Time Mashups

Nick Thompson aka Thumbs is a London-based graphic designer, illustrator and self-professed sticker addicted. For fun he mashes together cartoon characters and applies these illustrations to t-shirts, prints and of course, stickers! Amidst the items for sale in the Thumbs Etsy store you'll find Popeye with Squidward's legs, The Simpsons family re-imagined as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Maggie as Master Splinter!) and Goofy as Lady Rainicorn. A recurring obsession is to depict various iconic cartoon duos as 'Adventure Time' protagonists Finn & Jake!

Dewy Sinatra - Bubble

Following on from the release of his debut EP 'Wasted Youth', songwriter Dewy Sinatra shares his latest offering 'Bubble'. Accompanied by a great music video animated by Jeannette Lee.

A dog, a bubble, a jacket...

King Raam - Pegasus

The Iran-based Hoorakhsh Studio animated this anime-influenced music video for King Raam's track 'Pegasus' using a combination of Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, premiere, and Maya.

Directed by the studio founder Ashkan Rahgozar, the video draws strongly from Katsuhiro Otomo's 'Akira' depicting a man whose body breaks the confinement of its own skin, before engulfing his entire apartment block. There are also anime references in some of Hoorakhsh’s other work too... Their earlier music video 'If You Go Away' was a self-professed tribute to Mamoru Oshii’s 'Ghost in the Shell'.