Clap! Clap! - Playfulness

Italian producer and jazz multi-instrumentalist Clap! Clap! (aka Cristiano Crisci) has release his latest 6-track EP 'Simple' on The Black Acre label, a follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2014 album 'Tayi Bebba.'

Clap! Clap! recorded much of the new EP during his girlfriend's pregnancy. Inspired by the "simplicity of creation" and the time spent with his new baby daughter, the music strives to encapsulate the purest form of child-like playfulness and joy. "Having a baby daughter, I pass most of the time playing with her and she's always smiling, she is so full of playfulness in a natural and simple way," he describes. "I tried to represent that kind of playfulness, using cheerful rhythms and using samples that represent to me the simple sense of... happiness."

The music video accompanying the track 'Playfulness', animated by French director Loup Blaster, is equally entertaining, colourful and joyous as the music itself!

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