Ralp - Machine Iterations

Device, an audiovisual design studio based in Barcelona, animated this great music video comprised of monochromatic, geometrical loops.

The video accompanies the track 'Machine Iteration's, by circuit bending aficionado & experimental electronic musician Raül Peix aka Ralp, taken from the album 'Cyborgraph' released via Abstrakt Reflections.

Oh Willy...

The Jezabels - Come Alive

This spectacular, textural and atmospheric paint-on-glass animation, directed by Darcy Prendergast & Xin Li at Oh Yeah Wow, accompanies the track 'Come Alive' by The Jezabels.

Yangzi She: Eggplant

'Eggplant,' Yangzi She's UCLA thesis animation, tells the story of Durian, a young boy whose facial expression shows the opposite of what he's actually feeling... When he's happy he cries and in moments of great pain and sadness he smiles uncontrollably!

The short is partly inspired by the language barrier issues Yangzi encountered when translating her scripts from Chinese to English, so much subtle emotion and subtext were lost in translation. Without wanting the story to be about specific languages, Yangzi's story centers around the more universal language of expression and emotion.

Open Reel Ensemble - KAI-TEN-RYO-KOU-KI

Composer Ei Wada and four musician friends, Kimitoshi Sato, Takuya Namba, Yu Yoshida and Tadashi Yoshida, formed the Open Reel Ensemble in 2009. Their unusual music is generated by mixing sounds from old rolls of magnetic tape on open reel decks, with computer-digitized samples, frequently including guitar & bass licks, percussion, their own vocals, old CRT TVs and even a vacuum cleaner as sampling sources.

Their latest track 'KAI・TEN・RYO・KOU・KI', with vocal from Tavito Nanao, features a gorgeous painterly animated music video, directed by ShiShi Yamazaki.

Justine Vuylsteker: Paris

Made entirely from paper, sand and dried flowers, this animated short was created as part of the TV Collection 'En Sortant de l'école', dedicated to the work of the french poet Robert Desnos.

Directed by Justine Vuylsteker, and primarily animated by Marion Auvin, this touching film takes us on a guided tour of Paris. A blind man takes an early morning walk through parks, along boulevards and to the Seine River, inviting us to listen carefully to the noises and sounds of the city as it awakes.

Moonbabies - 24

Ukranian animator Yuriy Miron, known for his kaleidoscopic GIFS and psychedelic live performance work, created this hypnotic music video for Swedish indie-pop duo Moonbabies.

Watch the official music video for the track '24', taken from the new album 'Wizards On The Beach', posted below...

Radkey - Glore

In just over two minutes, we're taken on a psychedelic, mind-bending, face-melting clatmation trip through the morphing world of what Radkey love and hate. Alongside a particular hatred for Eliza from 'The Wild Thornberrys', the video also incorporates more favoured references to cartoon pop-culture... Keep your eyes peeled for cameo appearances from SpongeBob SquarePants, He-Man, Beavis & Butthead, Bart Simpson, Hypnotoad, Mordecai & Rigby, and many others!

Directed by Nicos Livesey (Throne - 'Tharsis Sleeps' MV) at Blinkink for Channel 4's Random Acts, the time-intensive production consumed 435 bars of clay and required the talents of five stop-motion animators, Andy Biddle, Luke George, Lee Hardcastle, Nicos Livesey and Carmen Mason, in it's completion.

Think 'Celebrity Death Match' meets 'Jackass' meets skateboarding, fun-loving kids who just don’t give a fuck... and you’ve got 'GLORE'!!!

Young: I Didn't Know That Episode 3

Manchester-based animation studio Young continue their series of "factual" infographics, this time taking a pop at Kate Middleton. Did you know that it is illegal to name your dog Kate Middelton in England and Wales!?

Tomek Pilarski: Waddup Fish!

'Whaddup Fish!' by Polish animator Tomek Pilarski, follows an marine biologist who accidentally stumbles upon an underwater rave complete with twerking mermaids!

Murray Sommerville: Cartoon Network Print

We're loving this Cartoon Network inspired print by illustrator Murray Somerville, celebrating both the classics and the current. The print encompasses all the best Cartoon Network shows from nostalgic greats like 'Space Ghost Coast to Coast' & 'Johnny Bravo' through to present-day favourites like 'Adventure Time' & 'Steven Universe.'

Excitingly their is also a matching Nickelodeon-themed print to follow shortly!

The '*UNOFFICIAL* WE LOVE CARTOON NETWORK' A3 digital print is available now via the Melonshrub online store, priced £10!

Katharina Huber: NO SIGNAL

Watch Katharina Huber's 2014 RCA graduation short 'NO SIGNAL' posted below...

"The violence is planned. Whether as a protest or simply a statement, the manifesto and the stone to throw are ready. Now it’s a matter of waiting, killing time and mentally preparing for the confrontation. Like a warrior. But the fear won’t go away and every sound, every movement reminds you of what may be about to happen." - Annegret Richter (DOK Leipzig 2015)

Extrarradio - Devolverla Mejorada

Barcelona-based studio Manson and artist Pau Sampera (previously known as graffiti artist Faif) created this excellent MV for Extrarradio’s 'Devolverla Mejorada.'

We love the juxtaposition of the rough textural claymation (especially the strata-cut fly-though of a cigarette)  and the fuzzily undefined, pastel-hued, geometric sequences. Watch it below...

Beatsofreen - Slowly Rising

We've come to expect fantastically varied (but always enjoyable) animated music videos accompanying the releases via King Deluxe Records. Unsurprisingly, their latest offering is yet another musical/visual triumph!

Pairing spectacular kaleidoscopic & mesmeric animated visuals from Tokyo-based artist and graphic designer Hideki Inaba, with the chilled-out vibes of 'Slowly Rising' by Beatsofreen, results in a truly immersive and psychedelic form of hypnosis.

"A seed was born beneath the sun, the source of all existence. The seed absorbed the light. It created more seeds like itself, gradually increasing in number. Time passed, but still their numbers slowly continued to rise, and before long they were quietly swallowed up by their own shadows. After everything that had lived had perished, nothing but an empty world remained. There, once again, an environment where the next living things could grow silently began to spread." - Hideki Inaba

Jez Pennington: Pigeon Kids

A nomadic child attempts to explain his feelings of homesickness and homelessness.

Kingston University graduate Jez Pennington, finally shares his 2014 animated short 'Pigeon Kids' online...

Alden Viguilla: He-Man VS Skeletor Print

Freelance illustrator and print-maker Alden Viguilla obsesses over superheroes, video games, manga and cartoons! His online store is packed with works based on iconic pop-culture characters, including Sailor Moon, Batman, Naruto and even He-Man!

This 8"x10" 6-colour silkscreen print of the muscle-bound hero, sees him locked in battle with his arch nemesis Skeletor. The print is limited to a numbered edition of just 29 pieces and is available now, priced $20!

Jesse Collett: Boom Is Life

Jesse Collett's 2014 RCA graduation short 'Boom Is Life' amalgamates an inventive blend of 2D animated characters and real 3D environments. The deliberately limited colour palette, UV glow, consistent character design and tricks like projecting animated shadows into the 3D sets, have all helped form its cohesively strong and thoroughly enjoyable aesthetic.

'Boom Is Life' isn't all style over substance, the impressive animation is also paired with an innovative and cerebral narrative... It poetically explores the incomprehensible vastness of the universe, taking the viewer on an existential journey shattering the reality of their everyday mundanity.

Watch a fascinating insight into Collett's animation process in the 'The Making of Boom is Life,' also posted below.

Media Design School: Escargore

'Escargore' is the latest third year production from Media Design School's Bachelor of Art and Design course. The project took around four months of intensive work to complete by a group of 22 students.

Claude and his friends are out of their element and in a whole lot of trouble when they choose the wrong lettuce for lunch. They must now find their way out of this world of horrors before they end up on the menu! This inventive snail-horror is so scary, it'll shock your shell off!

Body of Songs - Appendix

'Body of Songs' is a collection of 10 tracks from a variety of UK artists, inspired by the body’s organs, including contributions from Bat For Lashes, Goldie, and Ghostpoet! Each artist explores an internal organ with the help of medical experts, to find out how it works and unlock its mysteries and myths through music. The full collection is scheduled for release sometime this Autumn. www.bodyofsongs.co.uk

Raf Daddy (one half of The 2 Bears,) alongside technical advise from pathologist Dr Ian Proctor, surgeon Dr Andrew Williams, and specialist Dr William Parker, decided to tackle the appendix, an organ surplus to requirements and worse than useless. An accident waiting to happen, whose function has been been rendered pointless by the super-santised world in which we live. The accompanying music video, animated by Ben Wheele, depicts a frustrated appendix, grotesquely and vividly personified in the guise of a disaffected teenager...

Picturesmith: Pumpkintrope

For Halloween Picturesmith put their carving skills to the test and made this pretty spectacular Pumpkintrope...

Sarina Nihei: Small People With Hats

Having graduated from Tama Art University in Tokyo with a BA in graphic design in 2012, Sarina Nihei moved to London to start a Masters degree at the Royal College of Art in London. After graduating from the RCA with an MA in animation, she now works as a successful freelance animator and illustrator.

Sarina Nihei's 2014 RCA graduation short, 'Small People With Hats', is now online and captures a strange reality in which small people wearing hats find themselves subjected to ridiculous and fatal situations.

The beautifully realised hand-drawn animation (in textural acrylic paints and black pen on paper) is brilliantly scripted, visually stylish and, despite it's absurdest style, a successfully compelling commentary on politically driven social cleansing.